1 KG Bali Munduk:  Orange - Cranberry - Grape ( Filter Roast )

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  • Origin: Bali - village of Munduk  
  • Roast: City+ Roast 
  • Tasting notes: Tasting notes: Orange, Cranberry, Honey, Butterscotch, grape finish flavout notes    
  • Farmers: Ketut, Kadek and Nyoman 
  • Altitude: 1200 M 
  • Variety: S795, Kopyol  
  • Process: Natural


This Island Coffee is one of our most exclusive coffees with only a few tons on the whole island available. Due to the natural process we apply it provides an extra - ordinary coffee experience; away from the average! From 1880 to 1980, the hills of Munduk were identified as the most fertile coffee grounds in Bali. In 1990 prices fell dramatically causing farmers to abandon their coffee farms, switching to other crops promising more return on investment. This resulted in soil erosion and water tables subsequently dropped. Munduk became a victim of this decline. In 2007, the raw jewel of Munduk was rediscovered by a dedicated team, clearing the old growth and planting shadow trees. Over time, Munduk coding - coffee plantation became the fertile, sustainably managed organic coffee farm it is today. This coffee has a very easy, smooth and popular flavour. Its natural process makes for a distinct coffee unlike any you’ll have tasted before. The more you drink, the more you will get seduced by and convinced of its unique character.

Brewing suggestion

This coffee is both great in Espresso and in Filter & French Press. Do mind you select the right grind type for your preferred brewing method. Make sure you use a grinder with good grind consistency like our Burr grinders.   

We recommend ordering whole beans and grinding your coffee on the spot @ home/office, for maximum freshness & aroma. All of our processes try to optimize the freshness & it would be a shame to have it vaporised in this last cycle. If you do not have your own grinder, take a look at our affordable Burr grinders here

Exceptional Specialty Coffee

We select, improve & import the finest Indonesian Green Coffee all by ourselves. Check our Farm video to know a little more about our sourcing. 

Super Fresh Roast

We roast Fresh 3 times/week, so your coffee will always be delivered within 72 hours of roast. 

Check our science of freshness here

Fast Doorstep Delivery

Order between 9am and 4pm between monday and friday and receive your coffee within 72h. Lockdown Friendly.

Social impact & sustainable trade 

We work 1st hand with all our Farms & try to establish a sustainable framework where possible. By purchasing our coffee, you are directly contributing to improving coffee farms & lives in the whole Farm community. Follow our mission on Instagram & Facebook. 

We grow Sustainable

Together with partners such as Too good to go & our system of demand driven supply chain, we avoid overstock, waste & too much Footprint. We also roast on our Giesen W15a - one of the lowest emission machines in the world. Every bit and bean helps. 

1 KG Bali Munduk: Orange - Cranberry - Grape ( Filter Roast )

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