Boek je GAYO Nomad Koffie Trailer!

Boek je GAYO Nomad Koffie Trailer!

Meet GAYO Nomad. 

a Traveling Coffee Trailer. Specialty Coffee Catering on Wheels. 

The idea sprang out of the recurring question whether we could Coffee Cater events on location. 

With GAYO Nomad, we geared up all of our crafts, tools and insights and put them into one Specialty coffee trailer. 

Art of the state equipment, Fresh Roasted GAYO Coffee, masterful flying barista's and a touch of magic will lift your events to unforgettable caffeinated heights, without the lows. Providing a true Barista experience for all of our old and new ambassadors. 

Book the Nomad Trailer for: 

- Weddings 

- Birthdays 

- Corporate Events ( internal or external ) 

- Teambuilding 

- Conferences and seminars 

- Trade Shows and Expo's 

- Congress 

=> Booking Tool Live 16/ 02/ '22 

=> Leave your information and we will get Back to you with formula's, prices and dates! 



Boek je GAYO Nomad Koffie Trailer!
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