1 KG Flores Bajawa:  Dark Chocolate - caramel - spice ( Filter Roast )

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  • Origin: Flores Bajawa Ekoheto                                                                                                             
  • Roast: Medium to dark roast 
  • Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, Caramel, Subtle Spice 
  • Farmers: Valdi Prata  
  • Altitude: 1600 m
  • Variety: Lini S, 795
  • Process: Semi - Wash, Gilih Basah


The Flores Bajawa is famed for its exceptional high altitude, making the beans developing slower & sweeter. Due to its remoteness, this region, unlike most other parts in Indonesia, only started growing coffee in the 1970s resulting from cooperation between the government and a local forest research centre. Thanks to its sublime location at the foot of the Inerie volcano, with rough nature and altitude up to 1600m, the plantations are well located to produce amazing Arabica Coffee. Bajawa means prospering valley. The region is very traditional. After every harvest all tribes reunite for a big offering ceremony called Reba, expressing gratitude for the crops.

Brewing suggestion

This Coffee is both great in Espresso and in Filter & French Press. Do mind you select the right grind type for your preferred brewing method.

* Bonus tip: for maximum freshness & aroma, we recommend ordering whole beans and grinding your coffee on the spot @ home/office. After all our effort, it would be a shame to see much of the freshness vaporised throughout this last cycle of the coffee journey. If you do not have your own grinder, take a look at our affordable Burr grinders here

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1 KG Flores Bajawa: Dark Chocolate - caramel - spice ( Filter Roast )

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