GAYO Coffee

GAYO Coffee

Exhilarating rare Coffee. Fresh from the source. 

Socially Conscious Specialty Coffee

Agriculture often blends in with culture. In Indonesia, each and every island worships crops and harvests in their own way, leading to a set of unique coffee rituals, methods and cultural frames. For years we have worked shoulder to shoulder with certain Indonesian farm communities to attain the ultimate combination of sustainability, quality and efficient/ fresh supplies. Today, we are proud that with Gayo we’re getting ever closer to achieving this balance.

Superior Quality & Freshness

Social Impact


How Does it Work?
Unique Journey to Gayo

It all begins with Quality of Greens.
Farms, Seeds, Cherries.

Mind-blowing coffee starts with superior quality at the source. Choosing the best farms, varieties & techniques is a great way to launch a revolution of flavour.
Working together with local NGO’s and our own happy bunch of Q-graders and sourcing specialists, we guarantee to continuously push the raw coffee quality and consistency to the limit.

Our Roasting Mantra

We approach coffee roasting as both an art and a science. Every roast provides us with a 15 minute window to pay tribute to all the craftmanship through the chain by accomplishing a unique flavour profile.

Synergy between farm, roast and brew is our stepping stone in developing every coffee to its maximum flavour potential.

To compliment all craftmanship, we invested in top-nodge infrastructure & global training, developing our own hybrid & inclusive experimental roasting Style.

Gayo Science of Freshness

Did you know Specialty coffee attains its maximum flavour sweet spot 6 - 14 days after roasting.

Freshness is KEY for any Coffee Experience. From harvest to cup we guarantee freshness by:

- Fresh Harvest & Shipping on demand
- Aroma Conservation Packaging & Storage
- Freshly Roasted
- Fast Delivery

Everyone gets a chance to experience the superior phase of the coffee aroma curve.

Taste it for yourself!

Fast & Green Delivery

All our coffee is packed and shipped within 48 hours after roasting. Whether you are a Smart office, a Coffee Fanatic or in search of something new, we got you covered.


Village of Sindangkerta

Cacao nibs

Bajawa Ekoheto

Dark chocolate
Subtle spice



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GAYO Coffee

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