Smart Office Service

Smart Office Service

Office coffee revolution 

Noble battle against mediocre coffee at work

We provide smart & dynamic workplaces with a full specialty coffee solution including a top nodge coffee machine, full maintenance service, & a smart and free delivery system, leaving you and your office with Zero constraints and headaches.

Transform your workplace & leave an Impact. Go Gayo.

Superior Quality & Freshness

Worry Free


Better coffee for the consient office. 

Choose your Office coffee formula

GAYO full Monthy

Fresh coffee with a quality machine & Service to match

GAYO Easy Flow

Never-ending Flow of Fresh office coffee

Start your Coffee Revolution

Awesome office coffee

We want to get rid of the bad coffee at work clichés and no longer compromise quality, for service and usability.  We handpick the finest varieties in the best regions, improve the processes on the farms, invest in aroma conservation along the supply chain, and always aim for highest standards. This results in a unique single origin specialty coffee, that we roast freshly upon order. Specialty Coffee makes its way to the office, a true revolution.

Freshness is key, folks

From fast shipment, the use of specific storage materials, the right drying methods up to Gayo’s smart inventory system where we automatically roast on demand, avoiding loss of aroma. Gayo reinvents freshness. Always on time.

Worry - free

Enjoy a delicious fresh cup of coffee every day, no worries about late deliveries and general strikes among employees about bad office coffee. With the Gayo Smart Inventory Technology you will have automatic refills always on time. Machine and service are included in the subscription.

Good for nature and people

By improving the coffee process quality on farm level, we guarantee a sustainable framework for the farm communities while supporting reforestation initiatives in each of the regions. From tree to cup we aim to minimise our footprint using eco-friendly packaging, our own Electric Bike Delivery and we work with Belgian NGO’s such as Too good to Good to contribute to a healthier and more balanced consumption.

Smart Office Service

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