Good grind Routine

Good grind Routine

Why should we invest in a Good grinder? 

Consistent extraction 

Using quality Burr grinders such as the Baratza Encore, as opposed to those with blades, we create for an even, consistent grind size toward our whole batch of coffee. Consistent grind size in its turn makes you have more control and even extraction, resulting in a more balanced cup of coffee. 

Fresher the better 

Grinding as fresh as possible is also key to benefit from the oxidation and general aroma developing process within the beans, preventing any loss of important oils and flavors

Tailored grind size for your Brew 

Finally, grind size is definitely not a 1-size-fits-all. A versatile grinder, opposed to buying pre-ground coffee, gives you control of having a custom grind size for a multitude of brewing methods: having your favorite brew exactly how it will extract best. 

Noteworthy that, while normally the sooner we brew after grind the better, when using very fresh roasted coffee - < 5 days - a few more minutes of letting the CO2 gasses escape post - grind will actually be beneficial for the brew, since those gasses are still numerously present in fresh beans and they tend to inhibit the hot water from extracting flavor components.


Buying a decent Burr grinder, and using it just before your Fresh Brew, is crucial in establishing a fundamental Coffee brewing routine. There are a multitude of good versatile grinders in the 200 - 300 euro price range. Before optimizing any other, more trivial, elements of your brew, it is worth considering this investment first. 

Good grind Routine

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