A taste of GAYO: Opening Weekend 19 - 20/ 02

Journey to GAYO - Tours & Talks by Founder/ Roaster Kobe Leduc ( +- 30 minutes ) 

Ever wondered which processes and steps your Coffee goes through? What varieties, colors, aromas and flavors, are out there? Founder & Roaster Kobe takes you through the origins of GAYO, the journey of coffee, what GAYO is doing differently and what we embrace for the future. Also, get to meet the Belgian & Indonesian team. Put on your Boots for this Journey to GAYO. 

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Barista Filter Workshops by Belgian Champion Remy Poirot ( +- 60 minutes ) 

Remy Poirot won the Belgian Championships Barista in 2018, and then participated in the World Series in Amsterdam. He will introduce you to the basics of Filter Coffee and the many elements that come into play throughout a Filter Brew, and kickstart the GAYO Coffee Academy doing so. Slow down and Explore during this slow brew drip session. 

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Breakfast on the Boat by Chef David Schulpen ( +- 90 minutes ) 

Have a delicious Breakfast on the water by Master Chef David Schulpen, harmoniously Paired with the right Coffees, music, and a photo exposition on lower deck. The Ship Rösli with captains Zimi & Ivonne forms the perfect decor for this morning delight. 

We set Sail for unique cuisine and coffee, All aboard! 

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General Access to selected areas and festivities 

Have access to all selected areas and simply drop by to taste the atmosphere; Live Music, Cocktails, Tapas, Flavour Wheels, Boat Exposition, … 

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A taste of GAYO: Opening Weekend 19 - 20/ 02

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