4 Questions to Belgian Barista Champion Remy Poirot.

4 Questions to Belgian Barista Champion Remy Poirot.

After living and working for 4 years as a Barista in London, he participated and won the latest edition of the Belgian Barista Championships, in 2018, to eventually take part in the World Barista Championships in Amsterdam. There the world stage got to meet Remy Poirot's particular laid back approach and style through Specialty Coffee: 
we could not have found anyone more suitable to brew our Indonesian single origins, and kickstart the  GAYO Coffee Academy, than the sympathetic Remy himself. 

What do you look for in a good cup of coffee? 
"I always look for sweetness and great acidity and also love to be surprised by flavors I'm not used to."  

What is your favorite Brewing Method? 
"I started drinking coffee on an espresso machine, so this is my first choice when I go to a cafe. 
This is a great way of knowing if the place has skilled baristas, as it can be tricky to serve balanced espresso through the whole day. At home it's mostly filter coffee. 
Lately I have been enjoying the Orea brewer which is a very fast, small and versatile brewer. " 

What is your opinion on Indonesian Coffee? 
"Unfortunately I don't drink Indonesian coffee very often, as it is an origin that is still not often roasted in Europe. 
I am always excited to find new flavors,  varieties and processes. Indonesia can be that origin that brings different flavors to a cup of coffee." 

Which Coffee producing country is on your bucket list? 
"I had the chance to try most of coffee producing countries, but there is so many different regions, varieties, producers and way to process coffee that there will always be something new to discover." 

=> Stay Tuned for the upcoming Timeslots for the Filter Brew workshops during our opening weekend on the 19th and 20th of February!  

4 Questions to Belgian Barista Champion Remy Poirot.

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