Small Farms. Big Impact. 

Wild Roots

Gayo grew from the branches of Tales of Coffee, a Specialty Coffee sourcing project founded in 2015. Tales of Coffee’s main goal was bridging the farm communities with the industry and academia, towards a more sustainable Specialty Coffee scene by shared knowledge and experience. We travelled by all means, across many different islands, to reach the ultimate Indonesian Coffee Pleasure and found the beans we were looking for. 
Today we still pursue this quest for the most joy-inducing Arabica throughout the archipelago.

Towards a more intense Coffee Experience

Coffee connects people. By making the chain more transparent, and pushing forward small efforts to improve the quality at every level, we believe that we can make a true impact in a sustainable way. Backed by enthusiast minds, technology and a whole lot of passion, we have the power to bridge industry, academics and the farmers for the good. Coffee has travelled too far and passed through too many hands to not get the best treatment. 

Plan Tap Pasti. Slow but Steady. Indonesian proverb 

Meet the Indo Team - GAYO Coffee Mentor Talks with Edo. 

Next to finding our way through the dense Indonesian rainforests ourselves, we are lucky to count on many years of support of the inspirational Pak Edo and his Team within Indonesia. They continue to provide a guideline towards the complex mechanisms of the Indonesian market and culture on farm level, within the specialty coffee industry. It has been a long time, fruitful cooperation, which grows by the year, resulting in unique coffee, an unseen price/ value, and beautiful cooperations with the farmers themselves. Thank you Edo. 


A holistic view on coffee

From field to cup 

With Gayo we aim to raise more awareness about Indonesian Specialty Coffee and the countless efforts made towards quality, social impact and sustainability. Our Roastery in Vilvoorde (BE) is a safe haven to explore more about sourcing, roasting, and brewing, and will make you discover coffee secrets beyond your wildest imagination.


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